Bite My Public Sector Ass

February 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m obviously talking to Wisconsin’s Republican governor Scott Walker who wants to force teachers and other public sector employees to work at gunpoint. But I’m also talking about Tea Party asswipes, Fox News, Glenn Beck, five members of the Supreme Court and their decision to put the last stamp on the corporate state with Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission. And if you don’t think that it’s unlimited corporate monies behind the astro-turf teabaggers and the election of Scott Walker, well, I’ve got a bridge and all that.

Most broadly, however, I’m talking about the 40-years-old assault on the working class and the poor. I’m talking about a labor movement, divided by racism, and totally uninterested in the liberation of women that rolled over and let this assault happen. I’m talking about a Democratic Party that can’t stand up for the LGBT community when the freaking Military (not known for being progressive) can, a Democratic Party that has shifted to the right of Richard Nixon.

This is about corruption. This is about selfishness. This is about a mindset that says “once I got mine I don’t care if you ever get yours.”

I’ve spent days, hell I’ve spent years, asking myself how come people don’t understand that pensions are not a gift and that working conditions matter.  How come people don’t see that no one goes into the trenches of the public sector to get rich? Why don’t they understand that if one sector of society has good working conditions, that strengthens the workers of all other sectors? And you know what? I don’t care why anymore.

I care about stopping this unrelenting beatdown of everything I hold dear. I care about building something better.

As people in the public sector, our whole work is the building and maintaining of a civil society. We do this through education, through public service. We do this for everyone, not just for ourselves because every single human life has value and meaning. Individual freedoms and liberties happen when a society has structures in place that support all people.

The Scott Walkers of this world hate the very idea of a civil society, but the Scott Walkers of the world are selfish and morally bankrupt.

I need, we need, to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin and their magnificent resistance to Walker’s assault. We need to call our representatives and tell them we won’t allow that sort of thing where we live. Call (608-266-1212) or email ( Scott Walker’s office and tell him that he’s made a serious mistake. That the world is watching his every shameful move. That he needs to stop, check himself, and learn some humility. That despite what he may think, there are many more of us than there are of him.


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  • Lawrence Gatt says:

    It’s very bad right now. My own son just lost his job. I told him the first thing you’re going to do is go down and file for unemployment. He tells me the guy was paying him 2/3 of his money under the table. I want to report this fuck, who’s also a cop incidentally with an auto repair shop on the side. My son tells me if I wind up costing HIM any money I can forget about ever seeing my grandchildren again. I tell my Son If we don’t he’s going to do this again to some other guy with a family.
    My son’s reply is “Probably, but you know what, I don’t care. I don’t care, I don’t.” My son is morally bankrupt, as well as financially. I don’t think he’s the only one. His kids are on the state funded health plan that Blago instituted. Cheating on taxes while reaping the benefits of others tax dollars is reprehensible to me. They don’t really care. They don’t.

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