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December 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Part 176.2.  Or something like that.

I know that I can’t work at universities forever – it’s not a sustainable structure with its dependence on low-wage workers and the student-as-customer idea that is eating education. A friend read my blog and said that the students I advise “must not know what hits them”. Probably this is true. But the job wears at me even though I love it.

“Oh honey” said my Aunt Kathy “they must love you.” Yes but. I don’t always have the emotional resources that my students need me to have.  “You should be a psychologist/counselor/therapist” my students tell me.  Oh hell no. I love helping people transition, but therapy is a job for someone else.

There are other things I love.  I love material things, beautiful things, images, ideas, (I find a great many people beautiful), and in my own private life I love clothes. I love wearing things that make me feel confident and happy. I love knitting the things I wear.

In the new year I’m going to learn to sew. I’m going to learn embroidery. I’m going to continue to learn Hungarian. I’m going to invent my new job.


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