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October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

is terrifically depressing. I am completely freaked about this election–no limits on corporate spending at all. Isn’t this how societies decline, a small group of (horrible) committed individuals hijack the political process while the rest of us spend ten years muttering “they’re so wrong–if only we could just get our message across. I don’t know how anyone could believe the filth coming out of their mouths.”

These people hate us, and by these people I mean the Koch brothers and all the other mega-capitalists who make their money on human suffering and death. The tea partiers are just the idiotic shock-troups, raised on hate and fear and a sneaking sense that it’s all getting away from them now. Why not stomp on a woman’s head? Undoubtedly she had it coming (they always do).

And look who’s leading in the Illinois gubernatorial race? A pure ideologue, perfect in his hate of me and mine, you and yours.

I don’t know how to stop this…decline is not the word. I don’t know how to stop this horrific, torrential corruption of all this is good.

Good lord, the next post will have to be about knitting or an interview or something. This is why I like to focus in on the small, the micro, the biographical–the macro is just too much.


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