I used to have this blog

July 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had started blogging because my friends Aimee and Meredith were blogging and I wanted in on the conversation. Aimee and Meredith were witty, or at least lucid, and I mostly posted tight little paragraphs of cryptic political fury. And lists of words I liked.

I pretended to myself that the reader (I had 12 at my height) would infer profound meanings through the associations I wasn’t really drawing. Eventually I got bored or distracted or I moved or the network I belonged to imploded and I stopped blogging.

Last weekend I had a fantastic conversation with someone who swore she was happy to talk to me despite 1. my earlier political rant about U.S. education (to sum up: the system is set up not to educate–it’s a success) and 2. my current topic of ekphrastic poetry.

Anyway I was talking about language as clumsy and inexact and how frustrating this is and how good poetry uses the slippage between language and meaning to create an experience.  This is why summarizing a poem is often unhelpful, even deceptive.  This slippage (which is my best experience of reading a poem) is why I love poems.  The lists of words was an attempt to do that on the cheap.

The real deal, the really interesting thing for me, is what happens in between the thing we expect and the thing that actually occurs.


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